Chelsea fan confronted by Cesar Azpilicueta reveals exactly what defender said

The Chelsea fan who was seen bickering with Cesar Azpilicueta after the defeat to Arsenal has spoken out.

After the Blues’ 4-2 loss to the Gunners at Stamford Bridge, the Spaniard was seen going over to a group of disgruntled supporters, who were calling out to him.

looked like an argument then ensured. But the fan who became embroiled in a dispute with the Chelsea skipper, 32, has claimed he was not abusive, despite Azpilicueta looking clearly agitated during the confrontation.

Simon Kerr, 53, a self-described ‘die-hard’ fan said to The Sun: “I know I wasn’t aggressive or abusive – and you can ask the three people I was standing next to in the crowd and the stewards who were there.

“But I wanted to ask him, as captain, why there hadn’t been any passion or fight in the team – what you’d expect from a Chelsea team in a big game like Arsenal. He was a bit aggressive to me and then told me I should get my boots on and play instead – and I said that I’d love to.

The moment had done the rounds on Sky Sports’ Twitter account as a clip and reaction has been mixed.

One wrote: “Why did he react like this? Doesn’t even look like the fans were being abusive or harsh.” A second stated: “If ever there was a jay from inbetweeners moment, clearly was giving it some during the game then after the game “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry”.

A third stated: “Azpi plays for the badge. He always plays for the club. I might be angry but I’ll never trash Azpi down for a team loss. It’s equally the defence being bad but Azpi is a born leader & has led us to wins. Never forget the contributions of this man. Love you @CesarAzp.”

A last one said: “Said it from the start. The guy is an awful bloke on the pitch. cries about everything.”

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