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Rangnick mentions game changing way of how Manchester United can copy Liverpool’s success

Man United interim manager Ralf Rangnick highlighted what his side need to do to get anything out of Tuesday’s Premier League clash against Liverpool.

The Merseyside club are in an intense title with Manchester City and they will be determined to push until the very end.

Rangnick is wary of Liverpool’s threat and stated:

“We have to go to Liverpool and just get anything out of that game.”

“If possible, we need three points. That can happen in football, it has happened before but we have to be realistic.”

“We have to play a lot better in possession of the ball.”

“If we play like that like we played today [vs Norwich] it will be very difficult to get even a point out of the next game.”

“This is what we have to be realistically aware of.”

He went on to compared the two clubs with respect to style of play.

Rangnick’s Red Bull clubs adopted a similar pressing tactic as Jurgen Klopp’s side.

Players like Sadio Mane were bought in from these clubs.

Rangnick goes on to state: “They [Liverpool] are good, they are extremely good.”

“It’s no coincidence that they’re as good as they are — six or seven of those players used to be my/our players when we signed them for our clubs when nobody knew them.”

“It’s no coincidence that this is probably the club with the highest number of players from our former clubs because their approach, their style of football, the way they want to play is pretty similar.”

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